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Penelitian Diyah Fatmasari

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No Judul Penelitian Karya Ilmiah Hasil Review
1 Affectivity of Repeatly Used Alcohol Download
2 Anchovy Fish As a Source Download
3 Android Application Model Download
4 Asuhan Keperawatan Gigi Download
5 Comparison Of Effects of Abdominal Stretching Download
6 Dental Assisting (Pengantar dan Prosedur Asistensi) Download
7 Dentist's Knowledge and attitude Download
8 Efek Nigella Sativa Download
9 Efektivitas Mengkonsumsi Buah Download
10 Effect Of Musa Balbisiana Colla Extract Download
11 Effectiveness Of Breastfeeding Download
12 Effektifitas Larutan Baking Download
13 Flouride Absorbed On Extracted teeth Download
14 Flouride Concentration on Mice Download
15 Hypnoanxiety As An Alternative Download
16 Improving Elderly's Dental Download
17 Information System Monitoring Download
18 Inhibitory Power Of Toothpaste Download
19 Naf Patch Formulation Download
20 Negative Air Pressure Download
21 Larutan Ubi jalar Ungu dan buah bit Download
22 Pengaruh Dental Braille Download
23 Pengaruh Ekstrak Ketumbar Download
24 Pengaruh Variasi berat Polimer Download
25 Pengembangan Instrumen Penilaian Download
26 Perangkat Lunak Prediktor Karies Download
27 Perbedaan Kelarutan Kalsium Download
28 Risk Factors of New Caries Download
29 Roles of Flouride to Prevent dental caries Download
30 Salivary Glucose Level Download
31 The Effect Of Zinc and Vit C Download
32 The Impact Of Gentle Human Touch Download
33 Effect Of Postioning On  Bledding Download
34 Effect of Spiritual Nursing Download
35 Music And Aroma Therapy Download
36 The Impact Of Combination Breastfeeding and Effleruange Download
37 Hypnoanxiety as an alternative therapy Download
38 Roles of flouride to prevent dental caries Download
39 Compatibility of Sodium Fluoride Patch as an innovation model
40 Compatability of Sodium Fluoride Patch Download
41 Dental asisting reviuwer Hak Cipta Download
42 Formulasi plester NaF reviewer Hak Cipta
43 Handling Children Dental Caries Through Parents Awareness on Community Download
44 Is Nutritional and Socioeconomic Status Related with Tooth Eruption of First Incisive Permanent Mandibular among Shool and Special Need Students? Download
45 Physical and Bacteriological Properties Fluoridates Bottled Drinking Water  Download